Black Lives Matter Narrative

The dishonest black lives matter has been pushing a new narrative where they talk about racial reparations specifically they want “white people” to be financially responsible for the injustice that occur several decades ago when black people were brought to the united states as slaves from Africa.

1. Let’s talk about the facts! The fact is that black lives matter as a movement only cares about certain black lives, which means they only care about the lives that they can profit from. They are political cowards.

2. Black people were brought up from Africa around 1619 as slaves to work in the fields. We cannot hold people accountable nowadays for what people did 400 years ago, it is not fair, it is not right and in fact, it is illegal.


3. We must always remember history so we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past, we shall also notice that black people as a whole are a privileged race by nature. We can talk about great singers, great sports players “I wish I was black!”. The ones who are using the dividing narrative of racial reparation, are the ones whose only agenda is to promote racist and to divide our country and our people even more rather than finding what could break us apart as a nation we should focus on what can bring us closer together, after all, we are all Americans.


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